Monday, July 27, 2015

Las Vegas {Day 4}

We were extremely busy on Thursday; hitting up lots of stores, two shows, sightseeing, and a nice dinner with unlimited wine.  :)

Thursday morning we walked through Caesar's Forum shops
The architecture and artwork is phenomenal
After Caesar's we walked over to The Flamingo to see the wildlife habitat

The Flamingo habitat is beautiful and has a koi pond that goes throughout the property

The habitat is gorgeous!
You have to walk through if you are in Vegas

After all of our walking, I relaxed and read while Ben hit up the gym.  I got sick on our trip and was downing DayQuil and cough drops at this point.  Once Ben was back and cleaned up, we headed out to lunch and then our first show of the day.

We got free tickets (from Jody our Grand Canyon tour guide) to see Mac King perform a comedy magic show at Harrah's.  We weren't sure what to expect but we had an awesome time!  We laughed for 80 minutes and left wondering... How'd he do that?  to more than one trick.  He performs daily in the afternoon so that he can be at home with his family at night.  I thought that was nice...

After the show, we did some gambling and then got ready for dinner.  We walked over to Battista's hole in the wall off the recommendation of our tour guide Jody (did I mention she is awesome?!).

Battista's is Italian (perfect for my Italian husband) and your dinner included multiple courses and unlimited white and red wine.  Dinner includes soup or salad, bread, entree, a cappuccino, and all the wine you could want.  It was so good and I highly recommend it as a reasonably priced restaurant on the strip.

Us after dinner.  

After dinner we headed over to our second show of the day at The Mirage.  We got tickets to see The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil and the show was just so incredibly awesome!  It was definitely one of my favorite things about our trip to Vegas.  We got tickets to the 9:30pm show and it lasted until 11pm, but our night was not over...

Before the show in front of a display :)

This is the entrance to the show.
The lights change colors as you walk along the path.

After the show! :)

After the show, we headed back to our hotel to change and get our camera.  Then we walked over to the High Roller.  We won buy 1, get 1 free tickets to the High Roller when Ben played a slot and we decided to use them Thursday night/ Friday morning (we got on about midnight).
ps. I am afraid of heights

This is me sitting on the bench pretending to not be nervous

Up we go...

Slowly rising (the ride is 30 minutes)

Love this man!

Getting higher

This is us at the very top
(I am terrified)

View of the city from the top

Why would anyone go during the day?

After the High Roller, we headed to the casino and played some video poker and slots.  We had a great and busy Thursday and we loved everything we did!

Happy Monday!

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