Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Well... sickness has struck once again.  It started with Elizabeth waking up from her nap on Monday afternoon with a "frog in her throat" and it has all gone down hill since then.  Yesterday, Caroline was sick all day and I started to not feel good in the middle of the afternoon.  Elizabeth seems to be hit the worse with a fever, runny nose, and that darn frog in her throat.

Before we all got knocked down yesterday, we did have some fun earlier in the week and last week before we went to Pennsylvania.

 Last Thursday we had to run to the mall to return some stuff.
Elizabeth was so good going to all the different stores that I let her ride on one of the toys 

 She picked the ice cream truck

 She loved it!

Caroline enjoyed watching Elizabeth drive the ice cream truck

 Friday afternoon, Elizabeth found Uncle Adam's head lamp

 She wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good picture

Saturday morning, the 4th of July jello shots were finally ready!
(I forgot to post picture with my 4th of July post)
The jello shots came out great, but they did take a really long time to make.
You have to make sure each color is completely set before you add the next layer. 
(I made 24 shots and had enough jello left over to make to make a jello shot cake as well)
* I also made another batch of the red, white, and blue rice krispies but forgot to take a picture.

 Monday morning cuddles with my baby

 Popsicles after lunch

 Elizabeth wanted us to both have braids

My baby love

 Monday afternoon we headed to the playground

Caroline went on a swing by herself for the first time

 She loved it!

(Please excuse ignore my mom voice)

 Tuesday morning, Caroline took over Elizabeth's pink chair

 She is so happy and Elizabeth is less than pleased :)


Yesterday I let Elizabeth watch Mickey Mouse on her portable DVD player in bed.
This morning she brought it down and watched it in the living room.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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