Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Becoming a big kid

My dearest Elizabeth,

Yesterday, you made the first of many decisions about your body.  Your dad and I agreed when you were a baby that you could decide when/where/if you would pierce your ears.  You have been talking about getting your ears pierced for a few months now and yesterday you took a brave and bold step and got them pierced.

I was so extremely proud of you for being brave and deciding on your own that you were ready.  At the same exact time, I was so sad because you are growing up so fast and you are not my little baby girl anymore. 

I am so proud of you.  You are becoming a young girl that can make her own decisions, choose wisely and confidently, and not be afraid to tell me you are scared. 

I'll tell you a little secret- I was scared too.  I was scared for you and going through this experience.  I was scared you wouldn't like the earrings and I was scared that you are old enough to make the decision.

I am so proud of you.

I love you so much my sweet girl and I am so excited for this big step you just took all on your own!



She climbed up into the chair all by herself

 Marking her ears with the pen

 Piercing her ears.
They did both at the same time.

A chocolate cake pop to help with the shock

 Purple hearts

 And a smile
(she insisted on having the straw in the picture)

A sticker from her goody bag

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Read where your 3 year old finally got her ears pierced after asking for them again and again. She looks adorable with little earrings.

    Your story reminded of a funny experience when we had our 3.5 yr. old ears pierced and an incident where she took one of my pearl stud earrings from my jewelry box. One day, my hubby calls out to me from the family room asking me to come in there. Sandi had gotten a pair of my earrings and was trying to put them in Missy, her 14 month old baby sister's ears! She almost put one in her ear canal! Dh laughed and told me, please take her and get them pierced before we have to take her to the ER or to remove an earring!

    Like our older daughter, Sandi, we were going to wait till she asked, however, we couldn't come up with a good reason to wait. After talking about it and having Sandi tell us she wanted her baby sister to have "earwigs" too, we went ahead. We thought both girls would look cute with little earrings and were right, they did! Having Missy's ears pierced was no problem since and both girls look precious with little earrings. Don't know if you ever considered doing your YDD as well, but if so, then caring for them was easy. Best part was watching the girls stare at the mirror saying "pretty!"