Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday books for kids

I enjoy having seasonal books around for the girls to read during different holidays.  We have slowly been collecting winter/Christmas books and I wanted to share some good ones with you today.

Both girls are really into each of these books and I am hoping to add a copy of The Night Before Christmas.  I really loved hearing that book every year on Christmas Eve and I would like to continue that tradition with my kids.

 Five Little Penguins is a super cute book!
It helps with counting, introduces lots of different animals, and is an easy, quick read.
We picked this up a few years ago at the Atlanta Aquarium as a souvenir for Elizabeth.
I like souvenirs that serve a purpose, so we always try to make the girl's souvenirs a book.

 Eight Jolly Reindeer is a fun, holiday book!
This one is another good book for counting (and learning all the reindeer)
I don't remember where it came from, but I think a grandparent gave it to us (maybe?)

 Christmastime is Here! is a book Elizabeth is obsessed with.
It has over 50 flaps, so the girls really love pulling down all the flaps while we read the book.
I don't remember where this came from either, but it is a great book to have around Christmas

The Story of Christmas is a great book for introducing the true meaning of Christmas to kids.
Elizabeth is starting to understand who Jesus is and likes this book that talks about him being a baby and his birthday.  It's a great book for toddlers!
I think this book is from a grandparent (or maybe a baptism gift, I'm really bad at remembering)

So... those are some books we have been reading lately.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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