Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Favorites! The week before Christmas...

I am linking up today with Momfessionals and all the other fabulous bloggers out there in blog land!  I cannot believe Christmas is in a week!  I have totally missed out on the season since I have been sick for the past two weeks, so I am trying to do as many fun things as possible these last few days before the holiday!  I think most (if not all) of my favorites this week are Christmas related.

1. Our Christmas countdown is in the single digits!!!  We can hardly wait for Christmas!

 One week away!

2.. Holiday lights inside the house!  It was raining here all day yesterday and very overcast this morning, so I turned on the tree lights and the garland all day.  I think it is so fun to have the lights on during the day and it adds a little extra festiveness to the house!

3. I still cannot get over these two visiting Santa.  We have received so many comments on this picture and I take time to cherish it each day!

4. Speaking of cherishing pictures.  I love our Christmas card this year!  It took us awhile to get a good picture, but it was totally worth it!

5. I have been trying to find more ways that I can give back to those around me.  Mix and Match Mama wrote a few times about how she tries to watch other people's kids once or twice a month to help out her friends. 

I prayed about this and talked about it with Ben and decided I would give it a try.  I ended up helping two friends this week and it was such a blessing to our family to have friends over to play.  The girls loved seeing their friends, we played a few new games, and I loved that the girls got to have a change in our routine! 
*BTW- Having two boys around is way different than having two girls around :)

Happy Friday y'all!

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