Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jessica and Noah's going away dinner

On Sunday night, we had Jessica, Noah, and baby cousin over for a going away dinner.

They are moving across the country in two weeks and we are going to miss them so much.  :(

They came over early so all the kids could play together and then once the two littles were in bed, Ben made cheese fondue for all of us.  We also had salads and then ended the night with chocolate fondue.  It was a great night and one I will not ever forget.

 Elizabeth and Noah

 Jess watching the kids play from the couch :)

 This boy!  I love, love love!

 Ben teaching baby cousin how to play his first musical instrument

Noah getting a workout

 Me and the little man
 Love these kids!

 Kid group picture time before bed

 Uh, OK Mom?

 Elizabeth did/didn't want to be in the pictures

Noah is very good a wrangling babies

 Right before we ate ALL. THE. CHEESE FONDUE.

 Good night hugs and kisses from Elizabeth


Jessica and Noah,

We are going to miss you guys so much.  We have enjoyed having you guys here for the last five years and they have gone by so quickly.  So much has changed and we are so glad we got to share so many adventures with you during that time.  Have fun in your new state and remember... you can come back anytime!

We love you,

Abby and Ben

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