Friday, December 11, 2015

Ben and Elizabeth do Zoo Lights

Wednesday night, Ben and Elizabeth headed to Zoo Lights (I was sick with a cold, again) and enjoyed a very festive and fun-filled evening.  They saw lots of lights, enjoyed the bats and nats booth, had dinner, and picked up glow sticks.  We are zoo members and they went during zoo member week so they also picked up a coupon books with tickets for riding the carousel, train, and slides.  Enjoy the pictures of their fun. :)

Walking into the zoo

Running to see more lights

Look dad!

This light display had music to go with it

They stopped by the nats and bats booth.
This is as close as she would get to Teddy

Then it was time for chicken finger dinner!

They grabbed glow sticks at the Think Tank

And rode the train

The lions were out

And then it was time to ride the carousel

Time for a few more animals

And more dancing lights

Happy Friday y'all!

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