Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekend Review

We had a lot of fun this weekend since we all started to feel better and the weather was nice!  It was nice to have Ben home for 4 1/2 days with no work and we put up almost all of the Christmas decorations.  Here are some pictures from our "adventures" this weekend:

 Remember yesterday how I mentioned our love of M&Ms?
Well... this is our third bag in about 9 days.

 Friday afternoon it was GORGEOUS!!!
So... I took Elizabeth out to ride her bike before nap time

 This is smiling for the camera

 She insisted on riding on the sidewalk

 This little lady was ready to cheer on the Gamecocks Saturday morning

 She was excited to watch her team!

 Love that face :)

Saturday morning I was flipping channels and came upon  It's Academic.
The girls are my former students.
I watched for a few minutes...
and then we saw Anna at church on Sunday night.

 Someone is turning into a hoarder like her sister

Saturday during nap time/ the Gamecock loss, Ben brought down all the Christmas decorations
and put away all of the Fall decorations

 Putting together our tree

 The girls watched him the entire time

 Saturday night selfies with mommy

 Dad, you are in my way.
No worries, I'll just go OVER you

 Saturday night before bed, I needed some snuggle time with this cutie

 Sunday morning we played around the house

 The girls got a special Christmas treat.
I ordered this Melissa and Doug puzzle for them in the fall
and gave it to them Sunday morning

 Sunday afternoon we watched Evie while her parents and older siblings went to the Nutcracker

 She loved all of our Minnie Mouse stuff

And Caroline loved having someone her size to play with

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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