Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fifteen Months!

Dear Caroline,

You are fifteen months old today!

Our sweet baby girl, you are so full of life and find the humor in everything!  You laugh all day long and love to play games and get tickled.  You LOVE books and your favorite book is It's Pumpkin Day Mouse and you have us read it about 10 times a day.  You follow Elizabeth everywhere and you want to play with anything she is playing with.  You have discovered how to climb onto the couch (by yourself) this month and you love sitting on the couch like a big girl.

You have five teeth, you wear size 4 diapers, size 4 shoes, and 18 month onsies or 2T shirts, and 2T pants.  Your pajamas are 18month and I think this is the last month you will be able to wear them.  You have started wearing shoes and you have mastered walking in them inside and you are still trying to learn to walk in them outside.

You have been making more "noise" but still only have a few words- momma, da-da, what's that.  You sign more, please, milk, and all done A LOT.  You love to eat bananas, cheerios, puffs, cheese, chicken, crackers, peaches, bacon (or any pork), you will only drink milk, you don't like juice or water.  You tried sweet potatoes fries and chocolate chip cookies for the first time this month and you liked both.

This month, you cheered on the Gamecocks while they played Clemson.  You also watched Daddy put together the Christmas tree.  In December, we went to Pennsylvania and had a weekend visit with Nana.  While we were in Pennsylvania, you and Elizabeth had your picture taken with Santa- you did not like it.  Later this month, your Uncle Adam came for a weekend visit and you loved having him here!  This month we had several friends come over for mommy to babysit- Evie, Kellan and Ellis, and Charlie and Jack.  You had so much fun playing with all your big kid friends!

You also had your first bad scrap/fall this month.  You were walking outside and fell twice, cutting up your nose and forehead twice.  Luckily, your boo-boos healed pretty quickly and they didn't bother you much.  This month you celebrated your second Christmas and really enjoyed opening all of your presents and playing all day with new toys.

Here are some pictures of your adventures this month:

 Let's Go Gamecocks!

 Hoarding all the toys

 Watching Dad put the Christmas tree together

 Selfie with mommy and Elizabeth

 Checking out the new Melissa and Doug Christmas puzzle

 Enjoying play time with Evie

Time with Daddy!

 Waiting in line to see Santa

 Best. Picture. Ever.

Love my baby!

 Sitting like a big girl with Uncle Adam, sissy, and Dad

 Wishing the Gamecocks were having a better season...


Play time with friends!

Ouch :(

 Christmas Eve

 Love these two so much!!

 Christmas Eve after Church

 Christmas morning... straight for the books in the stocking

Sweet baby!

We love you so much our sweet girl!  


Mommy and Daddy

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