Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 was definitely one for the books!
We stayed here (it was wonderful not traveling with two small children).
On Christmas Eve, Ben read at the 4pm Mass. 
We had to be at church 45 minutes early to get a seat, so the girls had to sit in the pews for two hours...but they did so great!

 Caroline getting ready for church

 Love this face!

 Pictures after church

 Love to get pictures with my girls

Silly face :)

Done with pictures...

Once we got back home, Ben started our family dinner!  We adopted his family Christmas Eve dinner as our own and we adopted my family Christmas Eve dinner to Christmas day dinner.  On Christmas Eve, Ben makes: garlic buttered shrimp, homemade meatballs with ravioli, and then breaded pork cutlets, green beans, and biscuits.

 Before bed, a picture in front of the tree

 Posing :)

 Santa letter and cookies!

 Santa left some goodies for Caroline

 Some goodies for Elizabeth

 Some goodies for Ben

And... Santa brought this castle for both girls

 Christmas morning... checking out what Santa brought!

 Checking out Elizabeth's stocking first

 They love Christmas!!

Purple sunglasses!

Caroline LOVED all her books!

 She carried the bubble bath everywhere, all day.

 Checking out what Dad got from Santa

 Puffs and bubble bath in the castle!

So... while we were checking out what Santa brought, we discovered that our oven died.  Ben turned it on when we first came downstairs and when he went back into the kitchen it was off (and dead).  :(
We checked the fuses/ flipped the breaker/ etc. and no luck.  
*On a new and completely different note, on the 26th, we bought a new oven.

 Christmas breakfast!
We enjoyed cereal and microwaved bacon for breakfast.  :)

 Godiva chocolates, Lenox paper plates, and diet coke (for me)!

Godiva Santa :)

 After breakfast, we opened presents.
This is what our living room looked like after opening...

 And our dining room table after opening...

After nap time, we had a couple of friends over for play time and a cookie party!  We had so much fun relaxing (and eating cookies).

 Christmas cookie station


 Play time!


 Having a blast :)

 Everyone loves Doc McStuffins

We love to carry toys around

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas too!

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