Thursday, April 21, 2016

National Park Week: The Washington Monument!

For National Park Week, I knew that I wanted to include a monument or two for the girls AND go have a picnic. I thought the Washington Monument would be the perfect place for a picnic lunch because there is a ton of green space and the girls could eat and run around. 

The Washington Monument :)

Elizabeth refused to sit on the blanket to picnic

And I kept Caroline in the stroller to eat

After lunch, it was time to explore

What a great group selfie! Ha! ;)

Hugs with my big girl

Elizabeth played photographer for a minute... not too bad

I took this picture right before they both broke into a full sprint across the grass

Do you see them??

Climb every mountain... no thanks, we shall climb every tree :)

Not too happy we are leaving...

Happy Thursday y'all!

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