Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Technical difficulties

Well...this week has suddenly become very interesting around here.

Our refrigerator kinda broke and we had to order a new part. It has finally arrived and the repair man will be installing it tomorrow.

After handling that, we then discovered our laptop has had some sort of short circuit and is quickly losing its charge.  It can currently recharge, but only when on its side and the power cord is supported at a certain angle.  So... We are now looking for a new family laptop.

And...when the girls and I came back from the gym this morning....we discovered what we think are termites in the living room and basement. :(
The bug people will be here tomorrow to evaluate and treat the problem. Yuck!!!

I have now busied myself with keeping the girls out of the living room (their main play area) and praying for a working refrigerator, a new laptop, and for the bugs to be gone!

Happy Wednesday y'all!
(If this looks funny it's because it was all typed on my cell phone)

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