Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend around here! 

We had friends from Pennsylvania (Jared, Kelly, and Kylie) come down Friday evening and spent all weekend with us.

Kylie and Elizabeth had a little slumber party in Elizabeth's room on Friday and Saturday nights and then spent about an hour and a half talking each night, giggling, and being silly little girls.  We may or may not have watched them on the baby monitors for awhile on Friday night ;)

Saturday, the kids played in the house while it snowed outside.  That's right, I said SNOW! :(  Fortunately, the snow did not stick around and we ventured out of the house around 11 to try the new Dave and Buster's.  We played and played, grabbed some lunch, and then played some more games.  Elizabeth had enough tickets at the end for a basketball (so her day was made).

Saturday night we had a little fiesta- taco bar, chicken enchiladas, and margaritas!  Once the kids were in bed, Ben and I taught Jared and Kelly how to play Hand and Foot.  We stayed up way too late eating and drinking, but it was fabulous.  :)

On Sunday morning, Ben ran out to get doughnuts while we relaxed around the house with the kids.  Kelly, Jared, and Kylie left mid-morning and I now have a four-year-old asking every six minutes when she gets to have another sleepover.  :)

Below are some pictures of our fun.

Saturday morning Elizabeth introduced Kylie to chasing her around the table

I'm pretty sure they played chase for an hour...

Then it was time for ALL THE TOYS

Saturday night

Sunday morning- don't they all look thrilled?
Ha! :)

Silly baby

Right before they left

We had a great weekend and can't wait to do it again!

Happy Monday y'all!


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