Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Review

This weekend was full of us being sick and a very quick trip to Pennsylvania.  Friday was Elizabeth's last day of VBS and I am still enjoying her art projects.  On Saturday afternoon we drove up to Pittsburgh so we could see our nephew get baptized on Sunday morning.  After brunch on Sunday we headed back to DC and the drive turned into a very long six-hour drive with lots of traffic, lots of stops, and naps all around.

 These are two of my favorite projects from Elizabeth's VBS last week.

 The girls and I ran by Staples to grab some school and office supplies to have at the house.
After coupons and price matching, I paid 19 cents for everything.  Woot!

 Driving to Pennsylvania on Saturday...

 Trying to get in the picture:
a) the girls
b) me
c) our kindle hanging from a bar with Ben's key chain lanyard...
(desperate times call for desperate measures y'all)

The girls watched a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the car

Once we got to our hotel, the girls and I went to the pool for awhile so Ben could rest and order our dinner.  Well, the pizza came 25 minutes early and was completely wrong.  Ben ordered half pineapple and half pepperoni.  What showed up was half cheese and half pepperoni with pineapple.  We called and asked them to send a new pizza... it showed up an hour later!  Luckily we ordered the girls chicken fingers and fries and that came with the first pizza.  After we all ate, the girls went to bed and Ben and I watched some Netflix.  

Sunday morning we were up and out early for Sam's baptism.  Ben, the girls, and I sat with all the grandparents and enjoyed watching Sam get baptized.  It was a wonderful service and we enjoyed visiting with a lot of family and friends.  After the service we headed to brunch and enjoyed a few hours chatting and catching up with everyone before we had to get back on the road.

 Ben took this picture of Sam's cake.  So beautiful (and so good)!

 Thirty minutes into our drive home...

... and both girls are sound asleep. :)

Happy Monday y'all!

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