Friday, October 28, 2016

Butler's Orchard 2016

We made our annual trip to Butler's Orchard today to pick our pumpkins from the field.  We have been going for the last seven years (since our first year of marriage) and we enjoy it every year!

Ben played photographer for us today and I took the girls through the field looking for pumpkins.  We each picked one to carve and then headed to their market to pick up a few extra goodies.

 Trying to get a good picture before entering the pumpkin patch

 Searching for a good pumpkin to take home

 Ben found his pumpkin
Only 25 pounds :)

 Let's look over there

 It was very windy and we were trying to get a picture

 The field had some giant pumpkins, this one is as big as Elizabeth :)

 She wanted to carry her own pumpkin

 But decided to just pose by it :)
 Playing in the fields 

 Hi Dad!

 Searching for Mommy and Caroline's pumpkins

 Found mine!

 Caroline being Caroline

 Elizabeth loved looking at all the pumpkins

 Caroline found her pumpkin!
 Love this picture!

Happy Friday y'all!

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