Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fun at the playground

Last week I surprised the girls with a trip to their favorite playground before lunch.  We played for over an hour and had a lot of fun on a warm fall day.

I love dressing the girls in festive clothes for the season and they both LOVED their pumpkin t-shirts and matching orange pants from The Children's Place (side note: October is the only acceptable month to wear orange).

We made new friends, climbed on everything, went down every slide, and had a blast on a wonderful day.  I sure hope everyone is enjoying this great weather! :)

 We played at all the different playground and had a blast!
Starting off at the lighthouse

 Caroline LOVES to slide! :)


 And Elizabeth loves to balance on things

 She was so proud of herself for climbing up the dragon

 Trying to get a picture of them in their matching outfits.
I'm sure the time for matching outfits will not last much longer, so I am enjoying it while I can. :)

Love these girls!!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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