Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been us enjoying all the Halloween things this week. :)

I told Ben today that my favorite month of the year is October.  I LOVE all the festivals, dressing up, fun snacks, all the different colors on the trees, and little goodies.

I've been trying to duplicate a few things I saw on pinterest and also making up my own "scary" halloween meals/snacks.  The girls have also had all of their Halloween shirts and bows on rotation this week (well, all month).  We are ready for Halloween and have a lot planned this weekend to celebrate this fun time of year!

 Monster jelly sandwich on Sunday for lunch

 Monday morning, Caroline wanted to try cereal in milk
Elizabeth still won't eat cereal in milk
What age are you supposed to do this?  I have no idea...

 She did well and enjoyed the cereal (Captain Crunch)

 Lunch on Monday, jack-o-lantern mac n cheese with ghost bananas 
and make-your-own fall trail mix 
(candy corns, marsh mellows, pretzels, teddy grahams, and white chocolate chips)

 This is mine

This is Pinterest.
I didn't put the cucumber in the middle for the stem because my kids don't like cucumbers.
I think it looks pretty good :)

 Candy land has been on rotation all week

 This girl is serious about her candy land

 Pasta and scary "eyeball" meatballs for dinner on Tuesday

 We have been having a lot of tea parties in the new playroom

 Wednesday night we had mummy hotdogs with fruit and french fries for dinner

 Ben's version

Pinterest version
(I think they look the same and they tasted GREAT)

 During rest time on Wednesday I set-up a candy corn art project for Elizabeth with a few candy corns to enjoy while she worked.
This is her finished product :)

 Wednesday night we tried on her Halloween costume for her school party today
She loved being a skeleton

 This morning I was trying to get a picture of the girls in their pumpkin shirts to send to Nana
I told the girls to smile

Blurry smiles for the win!

Now I'm off to drink my apple martini for Thirsty Thursday.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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