Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend review...

Life lately has been full of my family being sick AND us staying at home. :(

Ben has been sick for over a week and Elizabeth had a fever starting Thursday night.  Friday, Caroline joined in on the fun of being sick with a fever and I was doing my best to keep the germs at bay. 

Everyone was feeling better on Saturday so we went ahead with our plans to put the girls into the same bedroom.  Saturday night didn't go great with Caroline (she was up crying until 3:30am) and both girls had slight fevers on Sunday.

After no fevers on Monday we were headed back to our normal schedule today (hallelujah!). 

Here are some pictures of our weekend of sickness and new bedroom:

 Friday night pancakes for my sick people

 Elizabeth's room before the move

 Caroline's room before the move

 The shared room :)

 Caroline jumped into Elizabeth's bed

 Pretending to sleep

 Sunday morning... all smiles after crying half the night

Of course Elizabeth had to climb in

 Semi-finished bedroom.
We haven't hung up their artwork or bow holders.
I also added more books and stuffed animals to the bookcase.

Sunday morning, Caroline playing in the girl's new playroom.
More to come on that later...

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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