Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been full of hot summer fall days and playing outside.  We have been running errands, working out, recovering from Ben being out-of-town, Ben being sick, having baby cousin spend the day with us, and getting my hair done. :)

 Sunday afternoon, Elizabeth grabbed my phone and took a ton of pictures
Here are some "usable" ones...

 Ben and Justin had just come back from camping

 Caroline and I were playing with blocks

 Justin entertaining Elizabeth

 Elizabeth's leg

 Selfies :)

 Justin and Elizabeth selfie :)

 Monday afternoon I got my hair done!!
Before pictures...

 Work in progress


 Wednesday morning braids
She wanted all the clips and bows in too

 And then some selfies :P

 Baby cousin wanted to get in on the selfie action
(he's a pro)

 Wednesday afternoon we took a walk on the nature trail

 Baby cousin LOVED running after his cousins

 Elizabeth loved cracking open nuts

 Then we hit the playground for a bit

 Fun times!

 All morning my baby asked for a pretzel for lunch
So, she got a pretzel for lunch :)

 Elizabeth had a Fall Festival at school today.
She brought home this pumpkin and I pulled out some stickers for her to add.

 During her "rest time" she had a blast decorating her pumpkin and named it "Kyla" :)

Finished pumpkin :)

Happy Thursday y'all!

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