Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Review

Our weekend was jammed pack with fun, fun, and more fun!  Ben left on Friday morning to go camping and I decided to keep us extremely busy while he was gone.  We hit up a pumpkin patch at the produce stand, the gym, the grocery store, the fire station, AND a fall festival.  It was a lot of fun and we have about 200 pictures from the weekend to share, enjoy!

Friday afternoon we headed to Nalls Produce

The girls LOVE Nalls!

Elizabeth wasn't afraid of the ghost this year :)

Love these girlies!

Trying to get their height :)

Playing in the tunnels

And in the hay

Elizabeth found three pennies in the penny search 

She refused to leave the hay pile to look at pumpkins :)

She got scared in the tunnels

Caroline LOVED the cow! :)

I LOVED the Nalls photo stand this year and we took a ton of pictures :)

The girls liked sitting on the crates

LOVE these smiles :)

We checked out the $800- $1,000 pumpkins

This pumpkin costs $1,000!!!

After checking out the large pumpkins, 
we grabbed a wagon and picked up a few little pumpkins :)

After playing at Nalls, we took a bath before dinner and chilled on the couch

These girls are chilled out

Saturday morning snuggles

I told Caroline we were taking a picture to send to Ben.
She didn't want to send him a picture and tried to grab the phone. :P

After breakfast we headed to Harris Teeter to grab a few freebies (chips,cream cheese, and bananas) and then dropped them off at home.  After grocery shopping, we headed to the gym for a bit and then headed to the open house at the fire station.

After "driving" the fire truck, Elizabeth announced she wanted to be a fire fighter!

Putting a fire out with the hose

We ran into Kellan and Ellis at the fire station and took some group photos

The kids had a blast! :)

Fire fighter Elizabeth

Inside another fire trucker

Caroline LOVED it!

After the fire station we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

The girls were very excited after lunch

After lunch we went home and the girls had naps/rest time.  I showered and relaxed for a bit.  Once the girls were up we headed to Arlington for a Fall Festival and ran into baby cousin, Jessica, and Aunt Leslie!  We took a bunch of pictures because Jessica, Noah, and Baby Cousin are moving far away this week.  We are going to miss them so much. :(

Elizabeth (4 1/2), Baby Cousin (18 months), Caroline (2)

Love these three!

Selfies with the cousin

Gonna miss you lady!

We headed to the fall festival and the girls loved jumping in this bounce house

After the festival we went to I-HOP and had scary pancakes for dinner
(no one wanted to smile for a picture)

Ben was home by lunch time on Sunday 
and we have enjoyed seeing him every minute he has been back. :)

Happy Monday y'all!

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