Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Review

Y'ALL, I cannot even begin to describe how terribly awful Friday afternoon/evening were, but I sure am gonna try (cause this is a blog).

I raved about how we were supposed to be getting our new carpet installed on Friday. 


I was told they would show up between 11am-12pm on Friday.  I called the store at 11:45am to get an idea of when they might show up because I was trying to plan lunch and naps for the girls.  I was told that we were the "afternoon slot" which meant sometime between 2pm-4pm and that the guy didn't understand why someone would tell me between 11am-12pm.

I said, ok no big deal, the girls can now eat at home and get a good nap/rest before I have to have them out of the house for five hours while they install the carpet.


The installers show up at 3:15 and I take the girls and leave.  At 3:45, Ben calls me that I need to come home, there is a BIG problem.  I come home and learn that the order was COMPLETELY screwed up and they don't have enough carpet.  Somewhere in the process of taking measurements and discussing flooring options, our sales agent thought we wanted to replace just the stairs and not the living room and dining room carpet.

Umm HELLO, the whole reason we are replacing the carpet is because of all the stains in the living room and dining room!!

We have the same carpet throughout the entire house, WHY WOULD WE NOT REPLACE THE GROSSEST PART???

After I remained calm :)  we ordered more carpet and set-up a date for them to install the carpet in the living room and dining room.  *This Wednesday in theory*

I left with the girls (because they had already torn up all the carpet on the stairs) and the installers put in new carpet on all of our stairs.  We were told 3-4 hours and it ended up taking 5 hours.  I finally was able to bring the girls home at 8:15pm on Friday night (Caroline usually goes to bed at 7pm and Elizabeth usually goes to bed at 7:30pm).

On the upside; we did our grocery shopping, had dinner at Chick-Fil-A, bought Halloween costumes for Elizabeth, got printer ink at Staples, and spent a bunch of money at Target. :)

By 9pm on Friday night, Ben and I were drinking cocktails and eating pizza.  :)

Saturday and Sunday we had fun with Adam, Brigette, and Sam!  They drove down on Saturday from Pittsburgh and we spent the day watching the kids play and enjoyed Los Tios for dinner on Saturday night.  Sunday we had brunch and played with the kids until it was time for them to head back home.

 Friday night at Chick-Fil-A

 These girls love nuggets and apple sauce :)

 Saturday afternoon, stories and snuggles with Uncle Adam and Aunt Brigette

 I'm pretty sure Elizabeth had them read the same story to her over and over again

 Saturday night tacos :)

 Sunday morning, Elizabeth was grouchy, so we made silly faces in the camera

Silly selfies to get a smile :)

Happy Monday y'all!

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