Friday, April 26, 2013

5K Friday

I enjoyed the race so much last Friday that I decided to do it again this week.

I encouraged my students to participate this week (they could earn extra credit) and I ran into two of my students before the race and I heard about two others coming as well.  I am so proud of them for trying something new and participating.

Ben, Elizabeth, and I up to Crystal City about 40 minutes before the race.  I signed up and got a new race bib, and then got nervous/excited to be running again.  I kissed Ben and Elizabeth goodbye and grabbed a spot in the group of runners.

Ben got some excellent photos!

Before the race.

 Runners take your mark.  Get set.  Go!!!

 Here I come.
(In the white shirt)

There I the finish!
(In the white shirt, on the right)


 Ben got me the race t-shirt!

 Our family

I need some water :)


I finished in 31:42, which is a 10:13 mile!

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