Saturday, October 25, 2014

Butler's Orchard

We made our annual fall trip to Butler's Orchard yesterday morning and thoroughly enjoyed searching through the field for our pumpkins.  Elizabeth was searching for pumpkins (and flowers) in the fields and had a blast!

 Driving into Butler's Orchard

 I love the trees driving into the farm

 Ben and Elizabeth looking for the perfect pumpkins

 Elizabeth found her pumpkin!

 I found my pumpkin!

 Elizabeth wanted to pick some wild flowers

 It was a little windy

Caroline enjoyed looking for pumpkins as well :)

 Ben was looking for his pumpkin

 He kept asking Elizabeth which one she liked best

 Picking flowers

After we picked pumpkins, we headed to the Butler's Orchard store where we got apple cider, pumpkin rolls, Halloween cookies, and lots of other goodies.

Happy Saturday!

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