Monday, October 6, 2014

Welcoming last minute guests

Today at Blue eyed bride, Erin is doing a 31 day series on breaking bread and today's post is about last minute guests and welcoming them into your home.

I LOVED this post because I also love to entertain! 

I want our house to always be open and welcoming to friends and family and I want our guests to feel comfortable in our home.  Our house is far from perfect, it is lived in, and to me that makes it way more homey.  There are toys in the corner, baby monitors on top of DVDs, and probably a little dust on the end table- but it's home and it makes us happy.

Erin asked her readers, "what are some of your easiest tips to welcoming last minute guests?" and I agreed with most of what she wrote. 

She included things like have toilet paper in the guest bath and do a quick vacuum of main areas.  I wanted to add a few other things:

1. I have a deep freezer in the garage, so I stock up on snacks and desserts that I can freeze and put out on short notice.

2. I keep solid colored paper products (from the dollar store) that can be used for any event.  I keep solid red plates and napkins because red is a happy color and good for quick stop-overs or birthdays.

3. I light a candle when guests come over to keep the house smelling fresh.  We don't burn candles often, so it's also a nice treat for us.

4. We turn on music when guests come over and put it on low for a little background noise.  Top 40 is my choice and Rock is Ben's choice- so it just depends on who turns on the radio.  :)

Now that I have given away my secrets, you know what to expect next time you stop by.  I hope you are having a great week!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Excellent tips! The freezer is an excellent idea. I also have extra seating by using ottomans and poufs.