Monday, October 13, 2014

Post Baby Body

I googled images for "post baby body" and these are some of the images that came up:

We, as women, put too much pressure on ourselves to look like the cover of a magazine immediately after giving birth.  I am super guilty of this and I am trying to get better.  I had a baby 18 days ago and I have been stressing out for the past 13 days about getting back into my size 6 jeans and not running errands in my maternity pants.

I. need. to. chill. out.

It took me nine months to gain 35 pounds (that was my final total) and I know (and need to remember) that it is going to take more than five days to lose that 35 pounds.  I need to go about losing the extra weight in a healthy way and not jumping into some fad diets and hurting my body.

I. need. to. chill. out.

My body has made two amazing, beautiful little girls in three short years.

I. need. to. chill. out.

Yes, I miss running.  Yes, I miss having a toned body.  Yes, I miss my regular clothes.

But... I will run again.  I will have toned arms again.  I will wear regular clothes again.  It just takes time.

So, while I miss looking like this:

I know that I can do it again.  Because... I have a plan.

I gave myself the last two weeks to recover, enjoy, and not stress (too much) about food.  I ate cookies, pastas, pizza, and lots of take out.  I have enjoyed wine and margaritas.  I have napped and watched a lot of TV.  I have also been recovering from a c-section (and am still recovering).

But, starting today, I am watching what I eat. 

I switched the half dozen chocolate chip cookies for a granola bar as a snack.

Instead of two servings of fruit loops, I had a yogurt for breakfast.

I'm making small steps and tracking my progress using my favorite fitness app- My Fitness Pal.

(sample picture from Google)

I know how many calories I need to consume each day and I am tracking it with My Fitness Pal. 

My starting weight today is 149.8.
My pre-baby weight was 133.

I know it will take time, but I will get there. 

Wish me luck and check back on my progress!

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