Monday, October 20, 2014

I have a "loft" problem...

I love Ann Taylor Loft!  It is where I get most of my clothes and this season I love just about everything.  I have been  looking online for months and now that I am not pregnant, I can really begin looking for clothes that I will be able to wear soon (and not wishfully thinking).

Also, the new mall that opened one. mile. away. has an Ann Taylor Loft.  I hope to be spending some money there very soon.  :)

Tonight I was looking online and these are the items that really caught my eye:

 I love this skirt!
It is a garner color, so great for game days cheering on my Gamecocks!

 I love this top!
I am very into patterned tops this fall.

 I saw this white corduroy skirt when I was in the store on Friday and fell in love!
It is offered in several colors, but I really like the white.

 I have never owned white pants, but I like these cords
I have a ton of black tops and a couple new navy tops that would look great with these pants.

 This is the one solid color top I liked.
This plum color is gorgeous!

 I am also very into navy this season.
This navy and grey sweater looks super comfy.

 I have never owned grey pants, but again I really like these.

 This top comes in four different colors and I like every. single. one.

If anyone wants to go shop at Loft, give me a ring- I'll drive!

Happy Monday!

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