Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot


Since Ben and I have been dating/engaged/together, we have "competed" annually in a Turkey Trot race with Ben's family.  Last year we even signed up to do one with my family in Atlanta (not knowing it was going to be about 20 degrees outside, so everyone bailed).

 Turkey Trot 2012
(our last race together)

I can start working out again on Friday, November 7th, which does not give me much time to train for the Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27th) .

So... while I have been sitting on the couch, I started researching some training programs (specifically looking for any couch to 5K 3-week training programs) to help me get ready for the race.

This one is train for a 5K in one month

This one is train for a 5K in two weeks

This one is train for a 5k in eight weeks

None of these are exactly what I am looking for, but I think they all have great tips and advice (especially if you have never trained for a race).

Ben has started training for the race and I am hoping to finish in a decent time.  I hope to hit the gym most days starting November 7th and we shall see what I can accomplish.

Anyone out there also training for a turkey trot or any other fall race?  I am really missing out on my running and can't wait to get back at it.

Happy Wednesday!

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