Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

We traveled to Pennsylvania for Christmas this year and we have enjoyed every minute of our trip.  The girls have been loved on by so many people and Ben and I have been able to catch up with friends and family.

On the 23rd, we hung around the house and played on the playground next door.  That night we went out to dinner and then over to see Overly's Christmas Lights.


 Climbing up the rock wall on the playground

 Overly's Christmas Lights

 Elizabeth LOVED it!

On Christmas Eve, my mother-in-law made a fantastic dinner.  It was multiple courses that started with stuffed artichokes, followed by gnocchi, meatballs, veal cutlets, green beans, and orange salad.  Everything was so good!  After the fabulous dinner, we went to church and then came home and relaxed.

This is one of the only pictures I took on Christmas Eve.  
Doesn't she look like a model?

 Our big girl wrote a letter to Santa and made him a plate of cookies.

Candy Corn???
(I did have a mild case of panic because I didn't have any candy corn)

On Christmas Day, Ben and I woke up at 4:30am.  Here's why- Caroline was sleeping in our room and starting sucking on her fist (in her sleep) and it woke us up.  It was so loud that it kept us awake while she snoozed away until 6am.  Elizabeth woke up at 7am and then stayed in bed talking about getting presents and Santa coming until about 7:30am.  At 7:30am, everyone got up and came down to see what Santa brought.

 The presents spilled into the living room a little bit

 Elizabeth wanted to have a birthday party for Jesus 

 What Santa brought Elizabeth

 What Santa brought Caroline

 Coming downstairs on Christmas morning

 Elizabeth got a Doc McStuffins kit and it's the only thing she has played with

 Seeing what Santa brought

Aunt Brigette and Uncle Adam 

 Elizabeth opening presents

 It took 3 hours because she only wanted to play with her Doc McStuffins kit

 We stopped to have breakfast
Santa or Christmas tree cupcakes and my family tradition- poppers!

 Birthday hats and a doctor kit

 Sweater from Ga-Ga

Later in the day, all of Ben's aunts, uncles, and cousins came over for Christmas lunch.  I think we had 18 people in the house for Christmas day.  This is us enjoying appetizers and exchanging some gifts.

 Caroline helping me open presents.

 Aunt Barb wanted to get a picture of all the cousins

 Cousin Sarah with Caroline

 Christmas night we opened Caroline's presents
These cute outfits are from my mom

We had a very wonderful Christmas and we are incredibly blessed to have so many people that love our girls and our family.  Thank you to everyone that made this Christmas wonderful for my family.  Merry Christmas!

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