Monday, December 1, 2014

Whirlwind week

Last Tuesday we headed to Pennsylvania to spend Thanksgiving with Ben's family.  Our original plan was to leave Wednesday morning, but when we saw that six inches of snow was headed our way, we left before the storm.  We got in about 1am on Wednesday morning and immediately unloaded the car, put the girls to bed, and went to sleep.

Wednesday morning we woke up to snow and enjoyed hanging around the house all day.

 This little girl turned two months old.
You can read all about it here.

 Elizabeth got a new car.
To be fair, it's her first and only car
And it's staying in Pennsylvania  :)

 She drove into the walls

 A lot.

 Then we took some selfies :)

 In the afternoon we played in the snow

 It's the day before Thanksgiving

 Then Elizabeth enjoyed her first ever hot chocolate

Thursday was Thanksgiving and Ben and I went down to the center of town to compete in the Turkey Trot.  We met up with his cousins and aunt and ran in the snow flurries up hill to complete the race.

 Warm and happy (inside) before the race

 Outside and cold (very cold) after the race

Our whole team!

 Once we got home and cleaned up, we played with the girls

 Then Ben's other aunts, uncle, and cousins came over for dinner
Aunt Stacy and Caroline

 Mary Lou, Stacy, and Barb after dinner

 Aunt Barb and Caroline

 Aunt Barb and Uncle Bob with Caroline

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday morning we got up early (5am) and headed to Pittsburgh to catch our 8:20am flight to Atlanta for my brother's wedding.  Well... we never made our 8:20am flight.  

What we didn't know is that it snowed at 4am and all the roads turned to ice because no one knew it was going to snow.  

We passed about two dozen accidents in the 3 hours it took us to get to the airport.  

We sat in the same spot for almost two hours.  After 45 minutes of not moving, I called Delta and got our flight changed so we were on the 11:30am flight to Atlanta.  After almost two hours, we started moving and discovered a city bus had lost control on the ice and hit the barrier.  It took the bus driver two hours to maneuver the bus by himself to get it off the highway. 

Once we got to the airport we enjoyed our first cocktails of the weekend.

 Mimosa after 3 1/2 hours on the highway

 On our 11:30am flight to Atlanta

 Second cocktail of the weekend

 Appalachian mountains

FYI- our original flight that was supposed to leave at 8:20am didn't end up leaving until 11:25am.
The plane sat at the airport all night and was frozen.
The passengers sat on the plane from 7:45am until 10am when they took everyone off to de-ice the plane.

On our way to the rehearsal

 At the rehearsal dinner
You can read all about the wedding here

 4th cocktail of the weekend 
(I forgot my phone during lunch and didn't take a picture of my lunch wine)

After the rehearsal dinner, we went out for drinks with my friend Ben.  He picked us up from the rehearsal dinner and we went to a "new, hip, happening" place.

 Ben, Me, and Ben

 Ben and I

 Me and Ben

After cocktails with the Bens, we headed back to our hotel and enjoyed the bottle of champagne and chocolates waiting for us.  

 Cocktail #7 of the weekend

 Saturday morning, we headed to Lovejoy, GA for Andy and Lolly's wedding

 Lolly, Andy, Me, and Ben after the wedding

 Saturday night we flew back to Pittsburgh
First airport cocktail on Saturday night

 Second airport cocktail on Saturday night

When we landed Saturday night we met up with Adam and Brigette (Ben's brother and sister-in-law) at their condo and enjoyed a cocktail to catch up.

Sunday morning we went to Pamela's in Pittsburgh with Adam and Brigette and then headed back to Ben's parents house.  Today we came back home and we are happy to be back.  :)

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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