Monday, December 8, 2014

Countdown to Christmas Bucket List

With the month of December going by at a blur, and Christmas quickly approaching, I want to make sure we pause and take time to enjoy the season.  Elizabeth is very excited about Christmas this year and wants to throw Jesus a birthday party (completely her idea).  I am trying to start some traditions with her that our new for our family or things Ben and I did growing up that we want to do with our kids.  Since Elizabeth is at a really fun age, I thought this year would be a great year to start our annual Countdown to Christmas Bucket List!

 Here is our list for this year:

 Visit Santa (and get a picture)
Write a letter to Santa
Make gingerbread houses
Enjoy hot chocolate
Donate to our local shelter (click here to see what is needed)
Make a Christmas ornament
Bake Christmas cookies
Go to Zoo Lights
Dance to Christmas music
Drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights
Watch Christmas movies
Use our Advent calendar to count the days until Christmas

Happy Monday!

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