Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday to You!

It's Good Friday!

We love Easter around here and this year we have been really sick to do too much preparation for one of our favorite holidays.  

Elizabeth knows Jesus and loves him, but the concept of his death and resurrection is a bit much to explain to a three-year-old.  We are working on it...

This week, the girls have been recovering and I have been sick most of the week.

Here's our week:

Elizabeth had a port in her left wrist from the IV antibiotics on Sunday night.
She had another round on Monday night.

 Tuesday morning, she was a little peppy.

 She drank milk and ate breakfast :)
(She got the port out Tuesday afternoon)

 Caroline on Tuesday

 Just playing

And being cute

 Wednesday morning- sitting and smiles with my baby

 Wednesday is the day we normally go out for lunch.
Elizabeth requested McDonald's for lunch 
(Ben and I couldn't believe it because we never go to McDonald's)

 Thursday morning, sister play time

 Hey Mommy!

 Once Caroline went down for her nap, Elizabeth decorated eggs

 She has been asking all week to do this

 I got a smile for the camera!

 She. loved. every. minute.

 Lots of eggs!

She loved painting eggs!

 After Caroline's morning nap, I got her dressed up cute for Spring!

 This is a Vera Bradley outfit we gave her for Christmas
(9-12 months)

 My sweet baby

I love her so much!

That has been our week.
We want to wish you a very Good Friday and a wonderful Easter weekend.

Good Friday to you!

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