Thursday, February 18, 2016


Dear Elizabeth,

Today you are four-years-old!

We are so proud of you and so excited to celebrate your 4th birthday today!  I cannot believe you are four-years-old and I am just reminded that time really does fly.

You are 40 inches tall and you weigh about 32 pounds.  You wear a size 4T shirt and 4T pants and size 8 shoes.  You love the color purple and went through a time this year where you would only wear purple.  You only like to wear purple hair ties, you have purple sunglasses, and purple pajamas.

You love being a big sister and always want to play with Caroline.  You love on her, protect her, and you are always by her side.  Every morning you wake up and run into Caroline's room because you don't want to go downstairs without her.  I pray that you two are the best of friends for life.

You like the shows Miles From Tomorrowland, Octonauts, and Sophia the First.  You love your binoculars and you take them everywhere you go.  You love to read and spend most of your rest time reading in your bed.  You love to help in the kitchen and your favorite thing to make is dessert and you also LOVE to do art projects.  You love to play Princesses or give exams like Doc McStuffins. 

Your favorite things to eat are chocolate, pretzels, gold fish, apples, cheese, and milk.   Your favorite place to go out-to-eat is Chick-Fil-A or McDonalds- you love chicken nuggets.

In June, you went to summer camp for the first time.  It was a week long, half-day camp, and you loved getting dropped off like a big kid and getting picked up after lunch.

In July, you spent ten days with Nana and Pap Pap while Mommy and Daddy went on vacation out west.

In August, you got your first bike.  You were over-the-moon and you have been riding your bike as often as possible since you got it.  You love peddling up and down the street and ringing the bell.

In September you started taking a gymnastics class.  You go every week and have been loving it all year!  We are very happy to have you climbing on equipment in gymnastics class and doing less climbing at home.

In December, you decided to pierce your ears.  You had been talking about it for months and months and decided to get them pierced one day at the mall.  You love having your ears pierced!  At the end of December, you went to your very first Bowl Game!  You went to the military bowl in Annapolis to see The University of Pittsburgh play the Naval Academy.

Here are some of your adventures from this past year:

 March 6- enjoying the snow

March 17th- wishing Great Grandmother a happy birthday!

 In April, you went to an Easter egg hunt

 Easter morning, the Easter Bunny came for a visit :)

 Searching for eggs

 Pretty Easter dress

Easter family pictures :)

 Dad and his girls

In May, we celebrated Mother's Day by getting pictures of you and your sister

 For Memorial Day Weekend, we drove to Atlanta to meet your new cousin, Annalise

Love these three girls!

 In June, you went to summer camp for the first time

 You love summer!

 Last day of summer camp :)

 You also had fun being silly with Caroline and Daddy

 For the 4th of July, we celebrated in Pennsylvania at Jared and Kelly's party

 In August, you got your first bike!

 On August 5th, you helped us celebrate Daddy's birthday

 Being silly at the end of August

On September 26th, you helped us celebrate Caroline's 1st birthday

At the beginning of October, you decorated Halloween ornaments

 And enjoyed Halloween snacks

 In the middle of October, you helped Mommy make a Fall Bucket List

 And we went on a nature trail walk

You loved it!

 We went to the pumpkin patch in the middle of October

 You picked some good pumpkins

 Sharing some love with your sister before Halloween

 Halloween- you and your sister were fairies

 Happy Halloween!

You went trick-or-treating with all of your friends!

You also cheered for the Gamecocks!

On November 13th, you helped us celebrate Mommy's birthday

 Being silly with your sister

 Thanksgiving in Virginia

Thanksgiving with family at home :)

 In December, we took pictures with Santa

 You loved talking to Santa!

 Christmas Eve after church

Christmas Eve before bed

 Before the bowl game

 Sitting with Daddy at the game

In January, Uncle Bob came for a visit

 In January, it snowed... A LOT!

You loved riding on your snow tube

 Valentine's Day weekend

Valentine's morning with your family

 We gave you the option to pick your own birthday cake this year.
You decided you wanted to make a two-layer chocolate cake with purple icing.

 I told you to smile :)

 Mixing the chocolate cake mix

 Icing the first layer of your cake

 You finished icing your cake

 Then you added sprinkles

 Happy birthday sweet girl!

We love you so much and we are so proud to be your parents.


Mom and Dad

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  1. Love reading your blog and adventures of your family. Think you were a smart mommy letting your daughter get her ears pierced now after wanting it for so long. We did our daughter at this age and this reminded me of how her younger sister, age 18 months wound up getting her ears pierced too!

    Our near four year, Sandi, loved jewelry and especially my earrings. One day, I caught her trying to put an earring in her baby sister's ear, but I told her Missy didn't have her ears pierced. She asked why and I told her that I wanted her to wait till she older like she was at age four. Putting her hands on her hips, she said, "...Oh mom...don't make her wait, just do it now so we can wear matching earrings and look pretty like you!" I told her she might cry and she no she won't like me. Well, you could have pushed me over with a feather so I asked my husband. Rick said that he really liked babies and little girls with pierced ears since they looked more like "daddy's little girls." I was totally surprised since always thought he didn't want her little girls growing up so fast. Told him I wanted to wait awhile and he was okay with my decision.

    Fast forward a few weeks while we were at the mall near a Piercing Pagoda in the center of the mall while a toddler was getting her ears pierced. As we walked by, we stopped and watched her have it done. I told Sandi, she's going to cry. I was wrong, not a whimper nor a tear! Sandi turned to me and said, "...see mom, Missy won't cry either." Rick jokingly turned to me saying, "...Mom, let's go ahead and get Missy's ears pierced now...Sandi is right" Now everyone in my family was ganging up on me! In a moment of weakness, I gave into their wishes and Missy did cry one tear, but looked adorable afterwards.

    Don't know if you thought of having your younger daughter's ears pierced too. Know is sounds a bit young, however, you might be surprised and find your oldest daughter asking you similar questions. Promise they'd both cute and feminine in their Easter dresses with maybe little pearl earrings like mommy.