Thursday, February 4, 2016

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

I have always liked Valentine's Day. 

But, I have always enjoyed celebrating any holiday (especially those that come with chocolate).  ;)

I like celebrating the fact that I love someone (and a couple of little someones) and I think Valentine's day can be a fun way to remind those we love that we do love them.

During the blizzard, Elizabeth and I decorated the house for Valentine's day with a few things I picked up at Dollar Tree. 

 I found these kitchen towels in our closet and put them at the stove

 I got this paper/metallic heart from Dollar Tree

  We put a Valentine snow globe in the half bath

 From dollar tree

On our bar- I put out a red table runner, a bowl with red and white Hershey kisses, and a pink picture frame with a recent picture of the girls

 The frame is from dollar tree, I had the table runner and bowl

 Someone ate the red Hershey kisses...

 I picked up this wood sign at dollar tree

 And this red/heart garland

So... for $5, Elizabeth and I were able to decorate the main floor and have a little fun while being snowed in.

Next week I will share the treats I am giving the girls for Valentine's Day.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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