Friday, February 26, 2016

Seventeen Months Old!

Dear Caroline,

You are seventeen months old!

You have been very busy this month!  We traveled to Pennsylvania for Aunt Brigette's baby shower, we have had several snow days.  You enjoyed celebrating Valentine's Day and Elizabeth's 4th birthday.  Your Ga Ga and Uncle Adam and Aunt Brigette came to visit.  We have gone out for frozen yogurt, jumped in a bouncy house, played at the gym, played with friends outside, read LOTS of books, and had your very first serious doctor's appointment.

You are 31 inches tall and weigh about 25 pounds.  You wear a size 4 diaper and a size 4 shoe.  You wear 2T pants and 18month-2T shirts.  You LOVE to eat and learned the word  'snack' this month, so you now ask for 'snack' about 90342 times a day.  You have eight teeth, but several are about to come through.

You love to read and I'm guessing we spend almost 2 hours a day reading (and re-reading) all of the books in the house.  You love to be with your sister and you follow her everywhere.  You eat almost everything that we eat, but you still love a gerber graduate squeezie for breakfast.  This month we have stopped cutting up your food into tiny pieces because you have enjoyed holding the regular portion and taking small bites.

You still HATE to ride in the car and scream/cry the entire car ride.  You love playing with the older kids and always want to do whatever they are doing.  You have added a few words to your vocabulary this month, you can say: Dada, Momma, Cat, Duck, Baba (cup) and Snack.  We heard you say sissy today but only one time.  You are really good at signing and always sign please, more, and all done.

At the beginning of February you were really sick and didn't eat or drink much for three days.  We took you to the doctor and they ended up giving you an IV (for dehydration).  You didn't like the IV at first, but eventually feel asleep while we waited for it to finish.

We love you so much baby girl and I cannot believe how fast you are growing and changing.  Here are some pictures from your adventures this month:

 Playing at home :)

 You love cars and blocks!

 Jumping on Dad

 Frozen yogurt at Menchies!

You didn't like it too much
(I think you didn't like how cold it was)

 Silly girl

 We had a sorta warm day after the blizzard, so we played on the driveway

 You have teeth coming in and you are constantly rubbing your fingers over them

 Asleep at the doctor

We like to read around here

 Getting our LOVE on for Valentine's Day :)

 Valentine's morning

You LOVED your doughnut

 Valentine's dinner

 Making funny faces with mommy

Wearing Elizabeth's headband

 Sister love

 Helping Elizabeth celebrate her 4th birthday

 Fun with Uncle Adam and Aunt Brigette!

 You would not sit still for Mommy and Daddy either :)

 Riding cars at the mall

 More books with Daddy :)

 Bounce house fun for Elizabeth's birthday weekend

 Play time at home

Chick-Fil-A lunch

And your favorite place to "hide"

We love you so much sweet Caroline.  Slow down and don't grow up too fast!  We love you!!


Mom and Dad

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