Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday finals- Ben goes shopping!

We got back into town on Monday afternoon; I took Caroline to the doctor, which left Ben and Elizabeth responsible for doing our weekly grocery shopping.  I made a quick list with Ben before running out the door and then we were all off in different directions.

Ben didn't know where the coupon bag was, so all of his shopping was without coupons.

At Giant:

(1) Yoplait 8-count gogurt
(5) Yoplait vanilla yogurts
(1) Bottle of pedidalyte

Total spent: $10.59
Total saved: $0.50 (in store savings)

At BJs:

(1) Gallon of orange juice
(1) Gallon of milk
(1) 2-pound bag of carrots
(1) bag of broccoli
(1) 10-count pre-sliced apples
(1) 48-count string cheese
(1) 16-count Sabra hummus individual servings
(2) Loaves of bread
(1) 3-pound bag of bananas

Total spent: $34.91
Total saved: $6.39 (in store savings)

Later in the week, I went to Target to pick up more milk and grab their deal on meat.

They have an in-ad coupon for $5 off $25 worth of meat.  Combined with some other coupons I had, this made a great deal for our family!
I grabbed:

(1) Gallon of milk
(2) Bags of Tyson chicken ($2.50 off any two coupon)
(2) Packages of Smithfield bacon ($1 off any two coupon)
(1) Family size box of popcorn shrimp ($1 off any one coupon)
*Plus the $5 off in-ad coupon.

Total spent: $17.76
Total saved: $14.58

And, as Elizabeth and I were talking about Valentine's day, she decided she wanted to get something for the family.  We went to CVS today to pick through the goodies and landed on four M&M Valentine hearts.

Total spent: $0.96
Total saved: $7.00
(They were $1.99 each)
* I had (2) $1 off two M&M products and $5 in extra care bucks that expires tomorrow, so I left Elizabeth use it to pick up the Valentine's.

Happy Friday y'all!

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