Wednesday, August 17, 2016

At home dinner: Bang Bang Shrimp and Fried Rice!

When making our dinner menu for the week, I had planned on making Fried Rice on Monday night. 

I picked up a frozen package of Fried Rice based on the recommendation of Southern Savers  a few months ago and it has been sitting in our chest freezer.
Well, after reading Dixie Delights on Sunday, I absolutely had to try her Bang Bang Shrimp recipe!  So I added the needed ingredients to our Sunday shopping list and on Monday night I put this great recipe together.  For some reason, my lovely husband was very entertained and took pictures of almost every step of the process.

I did the shrimp and Bang Bang sauce just like Dixie Delights, and it was super easy and so tasty!  The Fried Rice... well I cheated and used a frozen mix, but it was really good.  I think heating it in the skillet was key.

I did add two eggs to our fried rice and I also added soy sauce to my fried rice.  The rice took about seven minutes to make and the shrimp took about three-four minutes to cook.  Overall, it was very easy because I was using pre-made Fried Rice.  Oh, and the Bang Bang sauce is amazing!! It tastes just like Bonefish Grill!

 Ben deciding to document this dinner process...

 Adding eggs :)

 Adding the shrimp (one by one) to the skillet

 Four minutes later!

 The Bang Bang sauce.
So good!
Next time I would just pour over the shrimp.
This time, I wanted to make sure it tasted good before covering 40 shrimp in it :)

It was so good!
We both had seconds :)

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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