Friday, August 5, 2016

Ben's Birthday!

Dear Ben,

Today is your birthday!!  
You are 35 years old today!

In last year, you have done A LOT and been all over the country!  You have seen your baby turn one and your big girl turn four!  You had a nephew born  and a niece turn one.  You have been to wineries and out on Grandpa Fred's boat.  You have been to Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Washington DC, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina in the last year.  You have been to a cousin's wedding.  You have been to pumpkin patches and helped put out Easter eggs.  You have cooked more meals than I can count and you been the best husband and father I know.   You have played in the snow (and shoveled a LOT of it) and gone swimming in a lake, pool, and ocean. :)  

You have taken your oldest daughter bowling and to the movies.  You have helped celebrated holidays and birthdays.  You have said goodbye to family and friends as they move away, and always welcomed them back when they visit (or move back).  You have carved pumpkins, put up Christmas lights and Christmas trees, bought Valentine's gifts, and made more ponytails that you probably ever expected.

I know I am forgetting a ton of stuff, but the point I want to make is this.  You do so much for us that I hope we can show you how much we love you (and appreciate you) on your birthday.  You are a wonderful man, loving husband, and great father- we love you!

Happy Birthday!


Abby, Elizabeth, and Caroline

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