Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been busy, hot, and full of fun!

Elizabeth has been attending VBS this week and from what I can gather she has a) done arts and crafts AND b) had snacks.  She is going from 8:30am-12:30pm, so I'm sure there is a little more involved, but that's all I can get out of her. :)

I have also watched baby cousin this week and he and Caroline have been having a blast together!  They have played outside, played inside, taken Elizabeth to VBS, picked Elizabeth up from VBS, and eaten a ton of snacks. :)

Monday morning, we dropped Elizabeth off at VBS and then went to the park

They both wanted to swing the entire hour we were there...

... I didn't let them :)

After the playground, we played at home and had a snack

We picked up Elizabeth and she showed us her art projects for the day :)

God. Check.
Elsa. Check.
Anna. Check.
Confused Mommy. Check. :)

Monday afternoon.
Baby cousin and rice krispy treats for the win!

After snacks, we played outside

And spilled bubbles

Tuesday morning, we took a wagon tour of the neighborhood.
It was only about 75 outside- it was wonderful!

Baby cousin loved this playground too!

They both love to slide

Tuesday afternoon, we found rocks with Spider-man and Iron man

Caroline got in on the rock-dropping-into-the-sewer

Love these kids!

Wednesday morning, we had Chick-Fil-A for breakfast after dropping off the big kids at VBS
Sam and Alice are going to the same VBS as Elizabeth, so Caroline, Evie, and baby Charlie all hung out with me and Laura at breakfast
It was great catching up and getting to see Charlie (and Evie and Laura) :)

Silly selfies with the baby


Thursday morning, fun with baby cousin!

We went to pick up Elizabeth from VBS.
I parked the car and Caroline opened the door with her foot.
I immediately child-locked the door :O

Post-nap selfie.
He was not feeling it.

I made mini muffins for dinner.
They did not want to leave the muffin pan.

I was making dinner for the girls and took this picture of Caroline.
She is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Don't mess with her from 5:30pm-5:55pm. :P

Happy Thursday y'all!

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