Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!

Y'all, I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  I waited for months and months hoping to get some things that I need/want and I struck gold again this year!  I wanted to share once my items came in and I am super excited!!

 Ben bought me beautiful brown boots years and years ago.  So this spring when I was purging my closet, I knew it was time to retire (and donate) my old boots.  I also knew that I would be needing new brown boots for this coming fall/winter.  I was hoping (and praying) that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale would have some reasonably priced, beautiful boots AND THEY DID!!!
I got these beautiful boots and I LOVE them!  I cannot wait to wear them this fall.  They are so comfortable and my jeans and leggings fit under them.  Perfection y'all! :)
 At last year's anniversary sale, I bought a bunch of the Kate Spade square stud earrings to give as gifts.  I kept one pair for myself and loved them so much that I couldn't wait to buy more this year.  During the anniversary sale, I picked up two pairs of the Kate Spade mini small square studs.
They are slightly smaller than the square studs from last year, but I love them all the same!  I picked up the multicolored and black ones.  They are selling out quickly, but they keep restocking.

I have been keeping my eye on a few other items.  These are some things I haven't picked up yet, but want to. :)

 I love this trench and the rest of the outfit!

I'm not usually a fan of turtlenecks, but I think this one looks so cozy and fabulous!

I'm trying to get into the plaid situation and I like this top :)

I think this sweater would be super cute this winter! :)

 I also love this top, but it doesn't come in petite.

Happy Tuesday y'all (and happy shopping)!

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