Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been fun!!  We have spent time with friends and family this week and we are enjoying the last few weeks of summer.  It has been really hot so we have been doing a lot of inside activities.

On Monday we went to Flight Trampoline Park with all our friends.
This was the first time Caroline was old enough to participate and she LOVED it!

She ran everywhere and tried to climb everything :)

All the big kids at the foam pit

I love this!  They all jumped in.
This is childhood at it's best.  :)

After Flight, we took the 12 kids and 6 adults over to Costco for lunch.
The girls were not into having their picture taken. :)

The boys did  a littler better :)

Monday night I made our Bang Bang shrimp and Fried Rice
So good!!!


Tuesday morning we had to go to the uniform store to get Elizabeth's clothes for school.
It is right next to Chuck E. Cheese and so I said- hey, why not!? It's summer! :)
Caroline had a blast!  I think we might go back in September on her actual birthday

They both liked the train ride

Hi Mommy!

Elizabeth doesn't know who the purple dinosaur is. :)

Climbing in the tubes

 On Wednesday I had the brilliant idea to rush home from the gym, shower, dress, pack a picnic, and head to the spray park/playground in Arlington. was a disaster!
Noah and baby cousin met us and we tried (we really tried) to have a good time.

 The girls playing in the sandbox is the end of our visit.

We got to the spray park, Elizabeth didn't want to go to that particular spray park.
Caroline and Baby Cousin went right into the water.
About the time Baby Cousin was done with the water, Elizabeth decided she was ready to go in.
We ate lunch early, but the girls didn't really eat.
Baby Cousin and Noah left after lunch because Baby Cousin was falling asleep.
The girls wanted to go to the playground, then went to the sandbox.
The sand quickly became the worst thing ever (from a mom point of view).
After the sandbox, we went back to the spray park to rinse off.
Then we went home and everyone got a bath because somehow they were still covered in sand. :(
Today we have been to the gym and Target and I am thinking of calling it a day. :)

Happy Thursday y'all!

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