Friday, August 12, 2016

Deals I shopped this week

I haven't done a coupon post in awhile.  So I thought I would share the deals I picked up this week because it seemed to be a week of deals all over town.  I was shopping for a few things this week- things for our beach trip, school supplies to donate, and I had some Kohl's Cash to spend.

If you are new to couponing or you don't coupon, maybe this post will help.  I think the biggest change for my family (besides saving a ton of money) is that we now plan ahead for almost everything we do.  I don't shop for things we are going to use that week (besides milk and fresh produce), I am always shopping for the next few weeks or even months depending on the product.

All of my coupons come from the Sunday newspaper inserts and

Here are the deals I shopped this week:

Harris Teeter:
It is triple coupon week, so any coupon 99cents or less, triples in value. So for example, my 75cents off, is now $2.25 off a product.  Pretty good deal. :)

Trips 1 and 2:

(4) Bags of Chex Snack Mix
(6) Boxes of Mott's fruit snacks
(2) Lysol toilet cleaners
(6) Lysol wipes
(3) Package of Huggies wipes
(1) Bottle of Dawn liquid dish soap
(2) Packages of Pampers wipes
(3) Snickers Bars
(1) Jif peanutbutter granola bars
(2) Bags of Texas Toast croutons
(1) 4-pack of GoGo squeeze applesauce
(2) Pillsbury toaster strudle
(6) Dannon yogurts
(2) Packages Land O Frost turkey meat
(1) Box of Annie mac n cheese
(1) Bag of Annie snack mix
(1) Package of Luvs diapers
(1) 6-count of Skippy peanut butter singles
(1) Box of Fruit Loops
(1) Container of bread crumbs
(3) Boxes of taco shells
(1) Domino brown sugar
(1) Bottle of Simply Fruit Punch
(1) 4-pack of Hershey chocolate pudding
(1) Helluva good french onion dip

Total spent: $24.78
Total saved: $115.22
I saved 81% with my first trip and 84% during my second trip.

Trip 3:

(2) Bags of Texas Toast Croutons
(1) Box of Fruit Loops
(1) Pillsbury Toaster Strudle
(2) 6-count of Skippy peanut butter singles
(1) Bottle of Dawn liquid dish soap
(2) Bags of Chex Mix
(6) Yogurts

Total spent: $0.16
Total saved: $24.78
Percentage saved: 99%


I rarely go to Walgreens but they had some good deals on Chapstick and school supplies this week.  The store was out of almost everything I wanted, but I walked out with this one Chapstick.  While I don't like to make special trips for one item, this will be great for the beach in a few weeks. :)

Total spent: $0.39
Total saved: $3.40
Percentage saved: 90%


I don't usually shop for groceries at Target, but this week they had a GREAT deal on meat and chocolate.  We have a deep freezer, so I threw all the meat into it and the chocolate will be gifts for Elizabeth's teachers when she meets them.

For Target; I combine target coupons, manufacturer coupons, and target cartwheel to get discounts.  I picked up the following:

(3) Packages Ball Park all beef hotdogs
(2) Packages of Hormel pepperoni
(1) Bag of chicken anytizers
(3) Bags of Ghirardelli chocolates

Total spent: $9.79
Total saved: $27.72
Percentage saved: 74%


Elizabeth doesn't need school supplies this year, so we have been collecting some (with coupons) to donate.  One of the best things about couponing is that you can help other people while saving money.  We are working on teaching our girls to be giving and generous.  By using coupons to shop for school supplies, we can be more generous with the money we have set aside to spend on donations.

Total spent: $1.27
Total saved: $6.20
Percentage saved: 83%


For the first time ever, I earned $5 in Kohl's cash.  Caroline and I decided to stop into Kohl's today to see if we could find anything with our *free* $5.  I picked up this sign for a wall in our house and this picture frame.  Both were on clearance and I had a 15% off coupon from the Sunday paper.

Total spent: $0.49
Total saved: $42.49
Percentage saved: 99%

Totals for the week:

Total spent: $36.88
Total saved:  $219.81
Percentage saved: 86% average for the week

Happy Friday y'all!
And... happy coupon shopping!

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