Monday, June 5, 2017

Last Day of School!

Elizabeth finished pre-school on Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.

Ben and I are so proud of her!  She has learned so many new things, made a lot of new friends, and she enjoyed every single day of school.

It was hard to say goodbye to her school, teachers, and friends, but I know she is going to love elementary school in the fall.

Here is a look at Elizabeth's last day of school:

 Last day of school!
It was raining so I had her stand right against the garage door.

 She was so excited!

 Caroline was mad because I wouldn't let her put rain boots on.

 So she refused to look at the camera.

After we dropped Elizabeth off at school, Caroline and I came home to decorate for our after-school celebration.  We had a flamingo themed party because Elizabeth loves flamingos!

 I painted this sign on Wednesday night, since it rained most of Thursday I hung it inside.

 Her Walk of Fame!
(I got the idea from Dixie Delights)
I laminated the signs because of the rain, then nailed them to the yard stakes.

 I picked up the fun decor at Dollar Tree.
I laminated the pieces so the rain wouldn't ruin them.
Caroline and I hung some pink crepe paper and it stayed dry. :)

 Inside I decorated with more flamingos and then each girl got a bucket of summer goodies.


 The buckets are filled with "summer toys" for both girls.
They got new bubbles, water guns, beach balls, pool toys, etc.
They also got a few fun candy treats- ring pops, dum dums, sweet tarts.
Both girls also got a jello creations dessert for us to make during the summer.
(All the pool toys I got on clearance at the end of season sale last year at Target)

 After we set-up, Caroline and I went to Moe's for one last lunch date.

 She's all about the silly faces

 I parked up the street so Elizabeth had to walk up to the house.
She saw the signs half way up the street and started running towards the house. :)

 She loved her walk of fame and looked at everything!

 She loved the flamingos!

 She finished pre-school!!!

  Posing with her decorations :)

 Going through her summer bucket

 Caroline loved her goodies too

 And flamingo headbands!

 Flamingo headband. Check.
Flaming necklace. Check.
Flower necklace. Check.
Ready for summer!

 Selfies with my big girl!

 First of many pops for the afternoon :)

After Caroline's nap, I set-up the snack table and the girls had a blast eating!
Vanilla wafers, goldfish, mini marshmallows, oreos, and creamy ranch rice crisps.

And for a little comparison...

First Day of School and Last Day of School:



 Happy Monday y'all!

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