Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pennsylvania Weekend

A few weeks ago, we headed to Pennsylvania for a fun weekend with friends and family.  Ben was attending a bachelor party and the girls and I had a chance to visit with some of our favorite friends and have a girls evening and morning with Nana.

Driving to Pennsylvania on Saturday morning

The girls and I dropped Ben off at his uncle's farm for the bachelor party
The girls wanted to see all the cows

Ben showing the girls all the cows

Elizabeth got up on the tractor

Her older cousins; John and Stephen, her Uncle Adam, and her Pap Pap had
a great time showing her the farm.

Pap Pap put Caroline on the tractor too

After we dropped Ben off, we met up with Kelly and Kylie for Chick-Fil-A lunch and then swimming in the pool.  They had heated the pool and it was 86 degrees!
It was sooo wonderful! :)
That's Kelly swimming with Kylie, Elizabeth, and Caroline.

Trying to get a picture of all three.  Ha! :)

Caroline was on her way out...

Two big girls left!

We met up with Nana for dinner and then she took us out for the best ice cream!

Nana and I got dole whips (my first!) and the girls got ice cream with sprinkles.

Sunday morning, Aunt Brigette came out with Sam and brought all the bubbles! :)

The girls had a blast blowing bubbles on the deck

Happy Thursday y'all!

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