Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I need playroom help!

If I could design the girl's playroom, it would probably look like this:

(Photo from Pottery Barn Kids)

Our basement is currently an office/kid toy storage area.  When we got pregnant with Caroline, we knew we would be turning our guest room/office into a nursery and moving the office to the basement. 

I would love to turn our basement into a full-on playroom for the girls, but I am not spending $1847 from pottery barn to do it.

I have been comparing target, toys r us, and amazon for playroom storage ideas.  These are some of my favorites:

 We are currently using this storage cube and bought an extra one this past weekend.

 I love this bookcase in the pastel colors.  
I think Elizabeth would use this more because she could see the books she wants.
Our basement is painted a light blue and the green and pink would be nice accent colors.

I also like this storage set.  It is bright and happy (and easy to throw stuff in)

In addition to looking at storage ideas, I have also been searching for a table and chairs.  We do not own a table and chairs set for little kids and I have been wanting to get one for awhile (maybe Elizabeth's birthday present?)

I found the following on toys r us or target that I like:

 I like that it has more than 2 chairs, but I'm not sure about the white.
I feel like the first time Elizabeth colors on this, it would be destroyed 
(or I would be forever magic erasing)

 I know Elizabeth would LOVE this because she is obsessed with Minnie Mouse,
however I don't know if I want to be character specific with furniture in the playroom.
Does that make sense?  If everything else is neutral/pastel, shouldn't the furniture be?
But again, I know she would LOVE it.

I love the pastel colors, but again the white table makes me nervous about keeping it clean.

All of the table and chair sets I picked are wood or metal.  I was initially interested in a really cute plastic table and chair set, but all of the reviews were terrible.  Then I looked at a few more reviews for other plastic table and chair sets and they were all awful.  All the parents talked about the tables being wobbly and the kids not being able to fit in the chairs.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Here are the questions I have been pondering...

Do the kids need their own play area?
Do the kids need a kid table and chair set?
Where would we move Ben's office?  To our bedroom?
Do we need our coffee table?  We put it in the basement for Christmas and I love how open our family room is now.
We have a townhouse so space is limited.  If we move the dining table into the kitchen, we could use that space for a play area, but... I don't want toys to be the first thing people see when they come into our home.

I am looking for suggestions/help.  I don't want our house to be overrun with toys, but I know our situation has changed.  The girls and I are now home all day, everyday.  When I went to work all day and Elizabeth was in daycare it was no big deal to have one or two cubes of toys in the living room.  She loved playing with the toys in those two boxes and was happy.  Now, we are home all day and she goes through toys faster than I know what to do.

If you have kids, what do you do?  Are toys everywhere?  Do you rotate them out?  Do you store them somewhere?  Do you have a playroom?  Please, Please, Please leave a comment below with what you do.

Thank you!

Happy Wednesday!

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