Thursday, January 22, 2015

Do you want to take my picture?

I have been with my girls all week and have been loving on them all day long.  I am so glad to have both of my girls back with me all day and I am so happy I can take care of both of them again (but, thank you Vicki for taking great care of them!).

We have been hanging around the house ("as you do" when you can't drive) (thank you Adam W for getting that phrase stuck in my head) and I have been taking lots of pictures of my girls.

We had the camera packed away somewhere, so I finally found it and started using that for photos instead of the camera on my phone.

I was taking pictures of Caroline on the floor...


When Elizabeth laid down next to her and said "Do you want to take my picture too?" 

I said, "of course!" and took pictures of both of them.

Then Elizabeth walked off and I moved Caroline to the couch to take pictures of her sitting up.

Then Elizabeth sat down again and said, "do you want to take my picture too?" 

Of course my beautiful big girl!

 Then Caroline looked at me like this

And Elizabeth looked at me like this

 I snapped this with my cell phone

And then they were done with photos for the day.

This is us this afternoon

Happy Thursday!

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