Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend Review

We have had a good weekend around here, but lots of excitement around us, and it started Friday night.

Our weekend got kicked off with our neighbors having a pipe burst in their kitchen and completely destroy the main level of their house and their basement.  Ben was outside picking up the girls when it was all going down, so he ran over to help shut off the water and the power.  Even though the water to the house house was shut off, it kept pouring in and starting running out of the lights and electric outlets (hence Ben told them to shut off the power).  We learned Saturday morning that the water to the refrigerator is the pipe that burst and a plumber finally got it turned off.

After all that excitement, we sat down (I was already sitting) and got caught up on Gotham and enjoyed a glass of wine.

On Saturday, Ben caught up on some cleaning and laundry for us and then we were treated to Five Guys for lunch when Jim, Anuja, and Samara came over.  It was so fun to watch the girls "play" with each other.

 Caroline chilling while Samara is sitting up.
(We were very impressed with Samara's sitting up skills, Caroline is not even interested)

"Hey look!  Someone else my size!"

*Sidebar- Samara is 11 days older than Caroline
*Double Sidebar- Caroline went to sleep about 30 minutes after they got to our house, so these are the only photos of them "playing" together
Once both girls were napping (and Elizabeth was taking a "rest" in her room) all the adults enjoyed catching up and getting a chance to talk without holding a baby/ feeding a baby/ changing a baby.  Thank you again Anuja and Jim for lunch and hanging out!

Once the girls were up, I stayed on the couch icing my ankle while watching Ben play with his girls.  He loves these girls so much and I love watching all of them play together.


 Elizabeth loves Caroline so much 

 My baby :)

 I love her expressions!

 She loves playing with Caroline's toys.

Ben made pizza for dinner and we had a relaxing evening with the girls.  Ben's homemade pizza is one of my favorite dinners and I want to eat it all the time.  :)

Once the girls were in bed, we watched Varsity Blues (Ben had never seen it) and enjoyed some cocktails.  I also continued to ice my ankle because it was swelling up again.

 (Before Varsity Blues we were playing Words with Friends, 
this is when he realized I was kicking his butt)

Apple Martini, Ice bag, and Varsity Blues

Today we hung around the house (where am I going to go?).  Once Caroline was down for her long nap, Ben and Elizabeth headed out to Babies R Us, Target, BJs, Harris Teeter, and CVS.  They did a lot of coupon shopping and I will be sharing that tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

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