Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ben's adventure into Super Doubles Coupon Shopping

As we all know by now, I can't walk at the moment.  This is a horrible experience, made worse by the fact that I am super Type A and like have to be in control of (every) situations.  Right now, I have control over nothing and I am working really hard to be okay with that.

So, when I saw that Super Doubles were starting on January 7th at Harris Teeter I got upset because I wasn't going to be able to go shopping.  There are usually really great deals at the beginning of the year, and I usually stock up on items that will last a few months.  And just like in years past, this super doubles ad was fantastic!

So... I asked Ben if he would be willing to go to Harris Teeter (or two Harris Teeters?) after the girls were in bed on Wednesday night (and after being at work all day).  He told me that he was already planning on going for me and to give him a detailed list.  :)    Deal!  Done!  Happy dance (in my head)!

I spent a "little time" compiling my list and editing it.  I have items that I absolutely want and then other items I want him to pick up if they were free and we had extra coupons available (HT sets a limit of 20 coupons per day).

Here is my list:

  1.  ALL Laundry Detergent, 50oz    
  2. Angel soft toilet paper.  9 Roll, 2/$10.  Get 2 
  3. Huggies Diapers.  Should be $8.99/bag.  Get 2 bags.
  4. Pampers Diapers.  Not sure of price.  Get 1 bag.
  5. Flintstone Vitamins.  Not sure of price, they are 25% off.  Get 1 bottle.  I have 2 coupons, pick the best deal
  6. Eggs.  Should be $1.25/dozen.  Get one dozen.
  7. Kraft shredded cheese.  Evic for $1.97/bag.  Get 2 bags of Mozzarella.
  8. So Delicious Greek Yogurt.  2/$3.  Get 2 for Elizabeth (usually on the top shelf of the yogurts
  9.    Progresso Soup.  Should be $2.25/can with a special of buy 2, get 3 free.  Get 5.  Vegetable or Minestrone.  
  10.  New York Croutons.  Not sure of the price.  Get 2 bags
  11. Cheerios.     $2.50/box.  Get 2 boxes.
  12.   Special K bars.   $2.50/box.  Get 4 boxes.

Once he had all of the above items, I wanted him to see if any of the following would be free with coupons:

In toothpaste/toothbrush isle:

  1. Colgate tooth paste is 10/$10.  Get 2.  (Usually the bottom row)
  2.  Colgate tooth brushes are 10/$10.  Get 2.  Double check labels to get the right ones.
In medicine (pain relief) isle:
  1. Bayer aspirin (pink chewable).  Should be $1.99.  Anything under $4 is fine because the coupon doubles to $4.
In the shampoo/conditioner isle:
  1. Vidal Sassoon Conditioner ($3.99 or less)
  2. Suave Pro Shampoo or Conditioner ($3 or less)
  3.  L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Shampoo or Conditioner ($3.99 or less)
  4.  TRESemme Shampoo or Conditioner ($3.99 or less)
  5. Pantene Expert Collection Product ($3.99 or less)
  6.  Clear Scalp and Hair Shampoo or Conditioner ($3.99 or less)
In the next isle over, hair products isle, all need to be $3.99 or less:
  1.   Pantene Styler or Treatment product (hairspray or mousse)
  2.   Pantene Expert Collection product (hairspray or mousse)
  3. TRESemme perfectly (UN)Done product (hairspray or mousse)
  4. TRESemme product (hairspray, mousee, shampoo, or conditioner)
  5. Suave New Luxe Style Infusion product (hairspray or mousse)

  1. Oreos are 2/$5.  Get 2 packages.
  2. Arnold bread.  The Wide Pan Breads are Buy 1, Get 1.  Get 2.
  3. Progresso Panko Bread Crumbs, 15oz.  Buy 1, get 1 free.  Buy 1 if the price is around $1.
  4. Filippo Berio Olive Oil, 25.3oz, On sale for $6.99.  Get 1. 
In the health isle by weight loss or in the breakfast isle:
  1. Pure protein bars.  If they are $1 or less, then get 2.  Otherwise, don’t buy them.
  2. Balance bars.  If they are $1 or less, then get 2.  Otherwise, don’t buy them.
In the stationary/ school products isle:
  1. Any BIC product that is less than $2.  Usually the 10 pack of pens, currently on sale for $1.50.

Here is what Ben got:

(5) Cans of Progresso Soup
(4) Boxes of Special K Bars
(1) Dozen Eggs
(2) Yogurts
(2) Boxes of toothpaste
(2) Bags of Kraft shredded Mozzarella cheese
(2) Bags of Croutons
(1) Flintstones Vitamins
(2) Bags of Huggies Diapers
(2) Bags of Oreos
(1) Box of Carnation Instant Breakfast
(1) Bottle of conditioner
(1) Bottle of asprin
(2) 9-roll of toilet paper
(2) Boxes of Cheerios 

Everything else on my list was gone when he got to the store (shelves cleared).

*With the exception of the oreos and carnation breakfast, these are items we use on a weekly (or daily) basis.  
**The oreos were a good deal and we are hosting both of our families in a few weeks and thought people would enjoy them.  The carnation breakfast Ben loves, and he got it for free.

Original total: $118.70 + tax ($2.53) = $121.23

Total spent: $40.48

Total saved: 66%

So... how did we do it?

I made my list by writing down the things we absolutely needed (diapers and toilet paper) and then added things that were on sale to combine with coupon specials.  

I plan ahead.  I'm not looking at what we need this week, I'm looking at what we need for the next three months.

I (usually) only buy items we already use and I try not to be brand loyal.  
The exception is when we can get something free or almost free that I know we would enjoy, like the oreos and carnation breakfast.

Items Ben got for free because they were on sale and we had a coupon that made it free:

(2) Yogurts
(2) Tubes of toothpaste
(1) Box of Carnation instant breakfast
(1) Bottle of asprin
(1) Bottle of Conditioner
(2) Bags of Croutons

Our other items:

The eggs and cheese were on sale for a great price so I asked Ben to get those.  We did not have coupons for those items, but the sale price made it worth it to go ahead and pick them up.

The eggs are on sale for 4/$5 or $1.25 each (normally $1.99 each)
The cheese is on sale $1.97/bag, limit 2 bags (normally $3.75 each)

Cheerios on sale for $2.50/box, normally $3.39/box.  I had a 50 cents off coupon that doubled to $1 off.  So each box was only $1.50

Angel Soft toilet paper (not my favorite).  On sale 2/$10.  Normally $6.99 each.  I had a $1 off coupon that doubled to $2 off.  So I got 18 rolls of toilet paper for $8.

Huggies diapers on sale for $8.99, normally $11.15.  I had $2 off coupons that doubled to $4 off.  Makes them $4.99 each.

Special K Bars on sale for $2.50/box.  Normally $3.15/box.  The store is running a special, buy any four participating Kelloggs product and receive $4 off instantly.  I also had $1 off coupons that doubled to $2 off.  So, I got 4 boxes of special k bars for $2 after all coupons.

Progresso soup normally $2.65/can.  On sale for buy 2, get 3 free.  I had 50 cents off that doubled to $1.  So I got 5 cans of soup for $3.30.

Oreos are normally $3.79/package.  On sale for $2.50/package.  I had 50 cents off that doubled to $1 off, so each package was $1.50.

Flintstones vitamins are normally $8.59.  They are on sale 25% off right now to make them $6.44.  I had a $1 off coupon that doubled to $2 off to make them $4.44.

I thought Ben was super patient with my extremely long list and I am thankful that he went to the store for me. 

I am happy that Ben was able to go last night and I am very happy with our savings.

I am disappointed that so many items were gone, especially the laundry detergent and bread, but that shows you what good deals they are.

This trip did take more planning than normal because they had so many good deals.  But, I think the savings is so worth the time it takes.  Happy savings everyone!

Hope everyone has a great day.

Happy Thursday!


  1. LOVE Super Doubles! Great job! Happy Couponing!

  2. Thanks Amanda! I love super doubles as well.