Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Review

We have had a great weekend around here.

 Elizabeth was accessorizing a little bit.

 Then I introduced Elizabeth to playdoh

She LOVES playing with playdoh and has asked to use it all weekend

 She likes making "footprints" with the playdoh

 We had a little band time on Friday

 Then some play time in our jammies on Saturday morning

 Yesterday I was working on getting Caroline to sit-up and had Elizabeth join her for some photos

This little girl is getting so big!

 Really mom?- Caroline

 Fingers are tasty

 She is not thrilled with the bumbo

Saturday night, Adam and Shelley came over for dinner and we stayed up way too late and had a great time hanging out with them.  Shelley is due on Tuesday with their daughter, so we enjoyed the late night get together before they are up late at night with their baby girl  :)

 Sunday morning, Ben let me sleep in, then brought me breakfast in bed
I can never say it enough- Ben is AWESOME!

 Then I came downstairs and played with my girls

Tonight we went over to watch the Seahawks with our neighbors.  Liz and Brad are from Washington and are huge Seahawks fans.  It was GREAT to get out of the house and see everyone for a few hours.  Now I am just resting my leg and writing out our shopping and to-do list for tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

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