Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Eve!

For New Year's Eve, we were so excited to spend time with our friends in Pennsylvania.  We went to a party at Jared and Kelly's house and had a blast!  We have not seen them in a year and a half, so to say our kids have changed a little bit since then would be an understatement.  We went over early so all the kids could play together and we just hung out, had dinner and drinks, and watched some football.

Jared and Kelly are two of my favorite people and they are always so welcoming and accommodating when we trample over with kids, stuff for kids, food, coats, boots, and whatever we come with.  I swear it looks like we are moving in when we show up to people's homes.  Kelly and Jared had arranged a bedroom for the girls to sleep in when it was time for them to go to bed and even set-up a baby monitor for us.  They are the best!

We didn't get too many pictures from the night because we were having so much, but Ben did manage to snap a few of the kids and one almost group shot (Nick, Christina, and Nico left before our group shot).

 Kelly with a very tired Caroline

 Kylie, Elizabeth, and Nico

 I love that Nico is the only one following directions and smiling for the camera 

 Ben, Me, Kelly, Jared, and Scot

I couldn't get over how much the girls had changed, so I had Ben do a side-by-side comparison.
The picture on the left is from July 6, 2013 and the picture on the right is December 31, 2014.
Elizabeth and Kylie on the left and then Kylie and Elizabeth on the right.

We hope you have a great New Year's Eve as well!

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