Friday, January 16, 2015

Ankle Injury Update, Part Three

I shredded my ankle at 5pm on January 1st and since then I have not been able to walk or support my own body weight without crutches... until today!  I am in the walking boot full-time and I am starting to get more comfortable moving around.

Today is the first day I have been able to move around our house without using my crutches.  I have also been able to go up and down the stairs today without my crutches.  I cannot carry anything up or down the stairs yet as I have to take each step one at a time and hold the railing, but this is a vast improvement from two days ago.

I still cannot drive because the flexion and extension in my ankle is limited and painful.  I am doing at-home physical therapy everyday for this and I am hoping it improves enough for me to drive next week.

I return to the doctor in three weeks for them to reassess my ankle and check for progress.  I am hopeful (but doubtful) that I will be able to start pool physical therapy in three weeks.  I am hopeful because I really miss being active, but I am doubtful because I still have a lot of swelling in my foot and ankle and I know that needs to go down before my physical therapy is increased to pool therapy.  My foot and ankle are still about twice the size of my left ankle and foot.

I have also begin to notice the atrophy in my right calf and quad. It's much more noticeable in my calf and I know that it will continue while I am in the walking boot.  I am hoping once I start the pool physical therapy that I will start to regain some muscles in my legs.

Here is a picture of me this morning.


Happy Friday!

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